Business websites mostly flatter customers or big audiences through winter sales, year-end sales, summer clearance, and monsoon sales returns. Wibargain, a US-based website, doesn’t lure with these fraction wholesale gifts but guess what? It brings maximum profit and discount on its wholesale box offers. 

Buying wholesale boxes of different shapes and sizes is an eternal demand in the industry, and to fulfill it the right way, Wibargain liquidation services do the best. From a hefty $250 discount to a 10% off offer on the website, one can enjoy many petrifying offers through it.

Let’s grab more details and find discount offers, policies, competitors, etc. Without any further ado, let’s dig in.

Key TakeAway: Wibargain wholesale box selling services do their best to stand out from the competitors through its various offers and discounts. It has a strict policy for customers and maximum operating issues noted in the consumer reviews. 

Wibargain: Wholesale Boxes Provider

Wibargain is a wholesale selling website that leverages its customers with unlimited offers, discounts, and premium Amazon returns. One can easily find various liquidation goods on its website, with numerous options to choose from. 

Though this attractive website has a lot to offer, nevertheless with disturbing consumer views, you will learn that indifference and fraud with minor operating issues have been noted by unsatisfied users in major parts of it. We shall unlock this part of Wibargain in the coming article with proofs(through reviews) but first, let’s know the offers, discounts, and policy details.

Various Wibargain Offers, Discounts With Policy Control

One can actually find a plethora of offers on the Wibargain wholesale boxes website; one of the primary offers is the 10% discount that one gets right after entering their website. It has a super affordable premium wholesale discount box for $35. 

There are various other offers bestowed by its services which include a $750 discount and another premium return wholesale box for $125. A premium wholesale box of $125 after $500. The website also has wholesale target return merchandise with a discount price of $550 from the actual price of $2500. 

There is much odd stuff noted on their website, like each wholesale boxer has a fixed seller who decides the terms, conditions, and limitations on the boxes. Every other wholesale box has different things contained in them. Mystery boxes are available to the buyers, but the inner stuff is unknown to the buyer. It can offer either items or services.

These were some of the fantastic prices and offers of Wibargain, but the strict refund and return policy provided a considerable amount of restriction. According to the refund policy 

restrictions, the customers are not allowed to refund the boxes. Also, there is no right of return to the clientele. This completely showcases a discriminating policy that doesn’t pay its customers some basic rights. 

Consumer Reviews on Wibargain Target Return Boxes

Wibargain has got mixed reviews on its services, but majorly they were around the negative services and scams that their website is spreading across.

Below are some of the consumer reviews on the Wibargain return boxes with both satisfied and unhappy customers.

  • “The company is the worst scam artist. I ordered a couple of boxes and only received 3 boxes. Went through the channels to get things resolved but received no help from their customer services.”
  • “It is quite possibly the best stage out there that deals with discount boxes at limited costs.”
  • “It seems like a vague service that works according to its whims. We cannot depend on its services, no matter how attractive their accounts and offers are.”
  • “They offer an amiable service by providing the best offers with applauding quality, selling which they attain profits.”
  • “After several emails and calls, they keep saying they will initiate the refund, but I never received anything from them.”
  • “Received the package that was not as advertised, and the other one still never received. They have since then closed their location in Panama, and their website is down.”
  • “One gets numerous options to choose among the offer deals in the boxes, and being a dynamic website, it brings unimaginable profits to the customers.”

Can We Trust This Website? Is It Legit?

Well, the answer to this website being legit is inexpressive. The comment section above echoes a lot about its services, where it is advantageous for some and has turned into an enemy for some. We would rather like you to go through its pros and cons list and decide whether to choose its profit service or to avoid it for any future scams.

10% discount with entering the website.Degrading return and refund policy
Updating websiteUnresponsive customer services
Numerous options to choose from.Negative consumer response
Mystery boxes with offers and servicesOnline stores are closed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
There are many payment methods. Visa card, American card, Google Pay, and many others.Mystery boxes inside items or services are unknown.
They have a weekly free newsletter. Seller of the wholesale box decides the terms and conditions.
Can buy top holiday spot returns.
Availability of clothing from target stores

Competitors of Wibargain Liquidation Services

Wibargain wholesale box services has got commendable offers and services, as accounted by some of the customer reviews; nevertheless, there are other competitors. Some of the similar websites to Wibargain Liquidation services are


Customer Services

It is super essential to know the customer services as it is the only companion that will help us find the solutions to the queries. After meeting the reviews, one can try to contact their respective addresses.

Phone Number:661-407-2330

Closing Thoughts

Wibargain services have an astounding service with always updating the website, but the partial negative reviews have completely brought a different outlook towards it. One should reconsider before making a deal into it, else the offers and discounts are all fancy and advantageous to look for.

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