We authorize credentials to contribute, exclusively to the aces who have mastered their respective fields, whether it’s content writing, editing, developing, and so on. We own a unit of considerable professionals from diverse departments because each category that is available on our website includes different fields, who are held responsible for the creation, editing, researching, filtering, and publishing of the content according to the trend and demand from our audience on the website. Our team concentrates primarily on delivering fresh or updated content that involves excessive research. 

We make sure to maintain and fulfill all the required legal compliances that are mandatory for the regulation of the website. Our team sets higher aims to meet the trends. The content we serve through our website can be used for entertainment purposes, in day-to-day practical lives, for learning purposes, and many more. Keeping in mind, the use of our website is only subject to the “Terms of Use” mentioned under the introduction:

Terms of Use


  • Any information such as names, details of the applications, products, etc does not confine to the information we deliver.
  • Being the foremost, we own the privilege to make any sort of transformations required at any point in time without any notification for the betterment of our website.
  • We can also delete the information temporarily or permanently from our website. 
  • We are not responsible for any change, specifically country related. Because we post information that is general in nature.
  • We do not help users from countries where consent from the local law is not obtained.
  • No availability of the website to specific someone or territories can be a bummer to the users and us too. Taking consent of the local law from where the users are accessing our website can fix the problem.
  • We prioritize security safeguards. Yet, we consider our user’s privacy seriously to assemble assurance, i.e. our users should not bother regarding the particulars they are disclosing to us. 


As mentioned, we are only the information providers. We gather information or facts from various sources. We are not responsible for any inaccuracy because the content delivered is exclusively based on investigation, analysis, or exploration. Each fact reflects distinct significance for every individual. So, we cannot predict what affects or influences the users or what does not. However, to put it another way, our website is absolutely for informational purposes.

End-User Guidelines:

It is obvious to make amendments to the content that is been posted on any of the websites. We make amendments according to the updated sources. Different fields such as news, entertainment, sports, etc keep changing every now and then. We feel the significance of revised information for our users. For that logic only, we keep updating the facts and particulars that are being published on our website. We instruct our users to go through the guidelines mentioned for end users at regular intervals of time, before claiming anything. 

“We” the information or service providers, hold the right to make amendments to “End-User Guidelines”. We can make changes according to the need and demand. The changes done on the website can be effective, the moment we updated anything on our website. We consider users’ approval for the terms and conditions or norms mentioned, with the continuous use of our website i.e., “You” the end users are approving their consent on the terms and conditions if vising or using the website over and over again.

Privacy Policy:

  • We only gather or collect data from our users, if the users are subscribed to us and when they allow or agreed to the terms of norms mentioned by us. 
  • We do not exploit or misapply the information mentioned on our website as we collect the information only to maintain the database for our reference. 
  • Keep in mind, we only collect basic details such as name, date of birth, contact number, and other alike details. To enjoy operating the website continuously, you must provide the mandatory details. 
  • Users may connect with third-party websites sometimes, that have their own norms. We advised users to go through those norms for transparency. 
  • To conclude, we are not answerable for any data or statements on the third-party websites that we do not manage.