Are you a Bigpond user facing a Bigpond email not working issue? Do you want to know the best and most effective troubleshooting steps for Bigpond email problems? We are glad that you found us, as we will take you through the step-by-step process to fix the Bigpond email not working on your android, iOS, Outlook, and Windows browsers in this blog. So keep on reading to get to the solutions. 


Telstra Media, popularly known by its former name Bigpond is one of the largest running media service companies selling mobile phones, televisions, webmail services, internet services, and much more. 

Statistics show that more than 18 million people worldwide use Bigpond Webmail clients for business as well as personal use. 

With its IMAP access, it lets users connect their email accounts to all devices, including mobile and desktop. You can integrate your webmail interface with any other email account (Gmail, Yahoomail, Apple Mail, or Outlook). The main feature is that you can even access your email account when there is no internet connectivity which makes the workflow efficient. 

As we can count on many positives, but there is no denying the fact that Bigpond users also face many technical interruptions, which include:

  • Bigpond Email Login Issue
  • Bigpond email won’t load
  • Bigpond email not working in outlook 
  • Bigpond email not receiving emails, and so on. 

Thankfully, there are some ways by which users can fix the above-written issues easily. But, before jumping to the solutions directly, you must first find out the reasons for your Bigpond email problems so that you can treat the problem from its root cause. 

Reasons for Bigpond Email Not Working

No one can state one reason behind the Bigpond email not working problem. As this issue can be triggered due to many underlying causes, some of which are listed below: 

  • Poor Internet or Wi-Fi Set Up
  • Interference of Third-party applications
  • Many applications running in the background
  • Corrupted Cache Data
  • Security issues due to VPN usage
  • Bigpond email server outage
  • Wrong Bigpomd account credentials
  • Disturbance by Browse Plugins and Cookies

Solutions for Bigpond Email Not Working Issue

Here, we have given a brief of the best troubleshooting methods for Bigpong webmail problems on all devices. Follow all the steps vigilantly to get the best outcome. 

Tip: Telstra has its own Smart Troubleshooting Tool that helps to diagnose and resolve all the technical issues (if any) with your Bigpond Email service. Before following our guide, use this tool to accelerate your troubleshooting process. 

Restart Your Device

Let us start with the most basic troubleshooting step i.e., restarting your device. This step is the easiest yet most powerful as it helps your devices to run quickly, resolves battery drainage, removes unwanted memories of applications, and resolves all other conflicts in your device. 

To restart your Android to fix Bigpond webmail problems, you must:

  • First, Click and press the power button for a few seconds. 
  • You will see a popup on the screen. Click on Restart.
    “Bigpond email not working” troubleshooting step
  • Your android device will automatically follow the process of restarting. 

To restart your iPhone:

  • Click and hold the Power button with the Volume button.
    “Bigpond email not working” troubleshooting step
  • Now, bring the toggle button (Slide to turn off) to the right.
    • After a few minutes, switch on your iPhone by pressing the power button for a few seconds. 

    Ensure Having a Secured Internet Connectivity 

    We know that Bigpond webmail can be accessed even without Wi-Fi connectivity, but it does not mean that you can utilize the service to its full extent without connecting to the internet. 

    It is essential to establish a secured network connection to your cellular data or wi-fi to avoid facing the Bigpond email not working. Check and remove all the obstructions like heavy metals or big furniture in between the signal pathway of your router and connected device. 

    Additionally, you can change your Network Settings to Google DNS and disable the data-saving mode on your device. 

    To disable cellular data saving mode:

    • First, Open Device settings and select Mobile Data.
    • Now, Click on Mobile Data Options.
    • In the last step, turn the toggle button to the left to disable the cellular low data mode.

    To turn off data saving mode on Wi-Fi: 

    • Unlock your phone and go to your device settings.
    • Now, Find the Wifi section, and click on it.
    • Next, select the info icon of the active wi-fi connection.
    • For the last step, Slide the toggle button of the Low Data mode to the left.

    Check the Bigpond Mail Server Status

    You will face Bigpond mail not receiving mail, Bigpond mail won’t load, Bigpond mail not working, and other Bigpond email problems altogether if the Bigpond server is down. 

    Downdetector homepage

    You can check the Bigpond mail server status at and wait for the services to resume until the server problem is resolved. And if the Bigpond server shows no errors, move to the next troubleshooting step to get rid of the Bigpond email problems. 

    Use the Correct Login Credentials

    Bigpond email is now known as Telstra mail, and many users are still confused about the webmail account email address as it has now changed to 

    If you have not accessed your account for a long time, you might as well not be able to enter your account with the same email credentials, or you are entering the wrong password. In these cases, we suggest you retrieve your username and password. 

    To reset your password:

    • Go to the password reset page on your browser.
    • Enter your username.
    • Check the “I’m not a robot” verification box and click on Send.
    • Open the inbox of your registered email. Telstra will send you the password reset link. Click on it.
    • Next, Enter your new password and verify it again. 
    • Lastly, click on save changes.
    • Refresh and log in with your new username

    To retrieve your Telstra username:

    • Tap on Let’s Get Started, and you will receive the link in case you select email, a phone call in case you select a phone number, and an SMS in case you select a Telstra Account number. 
    • Enter your username or generate a new Telstra ID
    • Verify with your password and save changes.
    • Go to the Telstra login page and enter your new login credentials. 

    Remove and Re-enter Your Email Account

    Another easy yet effective method for not responding in 2021 is removing, refreshing, and re-entering your email account on your device.

    For this, the first thing to do is Sign-out of your Bigpond email account and remove your ID from the list of accounts. Refresh your device and device browser. 

    After some time, again open the big pond webmail login page and re-enter your login credentials to log in to your account.

    This process works to remove all the internal email glitches and fix the bugs. 

    Eliminate the Background Running Applications

    Background applications can consume too much data resulting in interruptions and battery drainage along with other issues. Because of this, you may experience the Bigpond not working problem. The best thing to do is remove all the background running applications on your device to optimize its efficiency and speed.

    To remove Background Apps on Android follow the steps below:

    • Unlock your Android device and go to the Settings section on your device.
    • Now, Click on the Apps section.
    • Next, tap on See all apps.
      see all post
    • Choose the application you want to remove. 
      amazon music
    • Lastly, click on Force Stop. 
      force to stop

    iPhone users can enable Background App Refresh to remove all the unwanted applications running in the background. To do so:

    • Firstly, Go to settings on your device.
    • Then, Click on General Section.
    • Search Background App Refresh and turn it on.
      background app refresh
    • Now locate the applications you use frequently and turn on the toggle button to enable the background app refresh.

    Clear Cache Data and Cookies 

    Many times, after you update your browser, it still stores the old junk cache and cookies, which leads to various web problems like Bigpond email, not loading, and other Bigpond webmail problems. 

    Depending on the device settings, the cache folder can consume a lot of storage space resulting in phone lagging. For this, you need to manually remove and delete the cache and cookies. 

    Also, note that removing the web browser cache won’t affect any of your saved images and documents. Therefore, you can regularly delete junk from your web cache folder. 

    Disable VPN.

    You may be encountering a Bigpond email not working issue because of your VPN. But why? VPNs do not allow establishing the secured connection, and for security reasons, Telstra email does not allow access with the VPN connection turned on. 

    So, if you are using your VPN service knowingly or unknowingly, check and turn it off while accessing your Telstra email account to avoid the Bigpond email login issues.

    Disable Security Systems or Third-Party Applications

    To protect our devices from malware and viruses, we install different kinds of Antivirus software. To optimize our device’s battery life, we install battery-saving software. 

    Well, in the long run, all these third-party applications often create problems while working on your devices. This may be due to a lack of software compatibility with your device. 

    In the same way, a Bigpond email not working problem can be generated due to the interference of these third-party applications. Therefore, we recommend you disable or uninstall this software to check for improvements.

    Tip: Search and install the antivirus software that is compatible with your device. 

    Remove All Plugins and Extensions

    As we work on our devices, we tend to download many extensions and plug-ins to easily get access to some particular service. Some of these plug-ins and extensions can cause trouble in functioning if they are not compatible with your browser. 

    The best step to take here is to unplug and remove all the plugins and browser extensions. 

    For the Google Chrome browser, disable the plug-ins from the browser settings. If using Internet Explorer, go to the tools menu to remove all the extensions. After doing so, check and update your browser to the latest version for seamless performance. 

    How to Fix Bigpond Email Not Working on iPhone?

    If you are an iOS user facing Bigpond email problems, you must consider trying the given solutions given below:

    iPhone Network Reset

    The network resetting method can solve the majority of technical problems. Before moving on to the steps of Network resetting, make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection. Firstly, start by restarting your iPhones. After a few minutes, follow the Network resetting steps given below:

    • Open the Settings application on your iPhone.
    • Now, click on General at the bottom of the page.
    • Here, scroll down and Click on Reset.
    • Lastly, tap on Reset Network Settings. 
      Reset network setting

    Re-configure Bigpond Email Account on Your iPhone

    The other method you can follow to solve the Bigpond webmail problem is by re-configuring your Bigpond email account on your iPhone. 

    To do so:

    • Start by opening iPhone Settings.
    • Go to the Accounts and Password section. 
    • Locate Mail and tap on it.
    • Now Click on your Bigpond email account.
    • Lastly, tap on the Delete account popup.
      Delete account
    • After deleting your account, go to the Account section and select Add account.
    • You will see a list of email service providers, tap on Others and then New Account.
    • Here, enter your details in the given fields
    • Name Your full name
    • Email: Your Bigpond Email address.
    • Password: Your Bigpond Account password
    • Description: Bigpond email account 
    • Then, click on Next and select IMAP or POP server( depending on your account type)
    • Lastly, save your changes and login to your Bigpond email account.

    Tip: Remove all the third-party applications and plug-ins for the smooth operation of Bigpond mail on your iPhone. Also, Use antivirus software compatible with your iPhone model. 

    How to Fix Bigpond Email Not Working on Outlook? not responding in 2023 is one of the most common issues faced by Bigpond Email users. To resolve this issue, follow the troubleshooting steps given below:

    Sync Your Bigpond Mail to Outlook

    One of the biggest reason why users get Bigpond webmail problems is due to improper syncing of Bigpond mail account on Outlook. 

    To sync your Bigpond Mail to Outlook:

    • Open the Outlook Window and go to the File section in the upper-left corner of the screen.
    • Now, enter your Bigpond email address and click on connect
    • Select IMAP server and fill in the configuration details from the box (Telstra Mail) IMAP
      IMAP port993/465
      IMAP securitySSL
      IMAP usernameYour Bigpond Email address
      IMAP passwordYour Bigpond password 
    • Click on Next to save changes. 

    Turn on The Safe Window Mode

    The best way to stop any disturbance from third-party applications, antivirus software, or firewall settings is by running Outlook in the Safe Window mode. 

    • To do so, Click on the “Window+R keys” together.
    • Now, type Outlook/safemode in the given box and click on the OK tab.
      outlook safemode

    How to Fix Bigpond Email Not Working on Android?

    You must consider trying the below-written steps to find a resolution for not responding 2023 on the Android problem.

    Clear junk cookies and cache 

    The junk files, website cookies, and old cache data can be harmful to your Android device causing Bigpond email not to work issues along with other mobile processing issues. This happens when we do not remove these unwanted files and they consume a lot of disc space on your device. 

    Therefore, it is important that you clear your cache and cookies folder regularly and update your software to its latest version. 

    Sync Your Bigpond Account with Device Email 

    • Open the Email application or the other mail application.
      gmail email
    • Now, go to Settings and Select Add Account.
      Add account
    • You will see a list of email services, here, click on Other.
    • Enter your Bigpond email address and password.
    • After that, go to the Manual setup at the bottom-left of the page.
      Manual setting
    • Now, select your account server depending on your account type.
      Pesonal imap
    • Enter your server settings and click on Next.
    • Lastly, give a name to your account and save changes by selecting Next
      My name

    How to Fix Bigpond Email Not Working on Windows?

    Windows users having a hard time with not responding 2021 can look into the following methods to resolve the Bigpond email not working problem.

    Update Windows

    If your Windows is not updated to the latest version, after some time of delay, it is ought to create problems and interference in the browser. To cure Bigpond email not working on windows, upgrade it to its new version.

    To do so:

    • First, Click on the Start button on the left bottom of the screen.
      Start button
    • Now, Click On the Settings icon.
    • Here, Select Update and Security.
      Update & security
    • Select Check For Updates.
      Check for update
    • Your Windows will take some time in the process to update the software. Lastly, click on Restart Now
      Restart now

    Optimize Windows Browser 

    You must use a compatible Windows Browser to prevent all the loading issues, if your browser still shows not responding 2021, you must optimize your windows browser. 

    For this, you need to clear all the cache data and delete the website cookies. 

    • Go to the Settings of your web browser, and open the Privacy and Security section.
    • Click on clear Browsing Data and lastly, select Clear Data to delete your browsing history, cached data, and images. Refresh your browser and open your Bigpond email account. 

    Bigpond Email Server Settings

    Correct email server configuration is really important for the smooth functioning of your email account. Refer to the tables given below to configure or reconfigure your Bigpond email account server settings.

    IMAP: Incoming Server settings for Bigpond Email account (Telstra Mail) IMAP
    IMAP port993
    IMAP securitySSL/TLS
    IMAP usernameYour Bigpond Email address
    IMAP passwordYour Bigpond password 

    Incoming Server Settings for Bigpond Email Account (Telstra Mail) POP
    POP port995
    POP securitySSL
    POP usernameYour Bigpond Email address
    POP passwordYour Bigpond password 

    SMTP: Outgoing Server Settings for Bigpond Email Account (Telstra Mail) SMTP
    SMTP port465/587 
    SMTP securitySSL / TLS for Port 465 STARTTLS for Port 587
    SMTP usernameYour Bigpond email address
    SMTP passwordYour Bigpond password 

    Final Words

    As we have explained all the troubleshooting methods to resolve Bigpond email not working issue on all the devices. We hope all these above-mentioned methods are helpful. 

    Remember to have a stable internet connection while performing all of them otherwise your problem won’t get solved. Also, restart your device to get better results. In case nothing works for your email account, contact Telstra customer support to get help from their representatives or you can also use the Telstra Smart troubleshooting tool. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Ans: To reactivate your Bigpond Email account you have to pay your outstanding bills, and your account shall reactivate within 24 hours. You can pay the bill online at My Telstra.

    Ans: Email Settings for Bigpond are


    Port: 993.

    Security: SSL/TLS.

    Username: Your full email address.

    Password: Your password.

    Ans: Bigpond is a IMAP server.

    Ans: To migrate from your Bigpond account to Outlook 365:

    • Login to your Bigpond account.
    • Go to the Settings section.
    • Open the Message tab. 
    • Enable Auto forwarding then click on Enable Auto-Reply.

    Lastly, save the changes after entering your Outlook 365 email address.

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